We define Excellence as a user experience that is not only valuable,
but also exceeds expectations. Smart Stop Logistics was designed with that in mind:
a two-way management app for schools and parents to track the bus!

Product Development

LITA works one on one with schools to get ahead of common pitfalls and create solutions, not problems.

Peace of Mind

Connecting users with their school bus, Smart Stop removes all the guessing with live-tracking features.

Custom Solutions

A toolkit that allows less operators to manage more buses, create performance histories, and save money.


Safety First

Smart Stop uses anonymous data and encrypted servers to protect your information at all times.

Mobile Ecosystem

Technical services available on the go, with the application available for Android and OS.

Cost Management

Reduce expenses with better fuel cost, drive time, and fleet management – no installation required!

Stunning design

Simple back-end to front-end layout is designed for users of all ages. Point-and-click to carry your entire bus in the palm of your hand.

The Right Fit for You

Find the right plan for your district

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App Coming Soon

Apple store & Android market.

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